36x POKEMON TCG English GENERATIONS Factory Sealed Booster Packs = Booster Box! 100% Clean and Guaranteed Unsearched English Packs! Straight from Factory Sealed Mythical Collection Boxes! Photo

Wowzzer! We are Proud to offer this Amazing Lot of THIRTY-SIX(36) Pokemon GENERATIONS Factory Sealed Unsearched Booster Packs with 10 cards Per Pack ( Total 360 Cards) ! These Factory Sealed Packs are AUTHENTIC English Version! 100% Clean and Guaranteed Unsearched! Pokemon Never Made Booster Boxes for this product. There are only Loose packs and this is the closest you’ll get to a box! You have to open Mythical Collection Boxes in order to get them ! These Packs are Straight from Factory Sealed Boxes we opened from Factory Sealed Cases That we got direct. Picture is just for reference as there are different pack arts. You will receive 36 individual Factory Sealed Unsearched booster packs of Pokemon Generations. Thanks

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