Beadcraft: Pokemon-themed Fuse Bead Patterns! Photo

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Beadcraft patterns work with Perler, Qixels, Bloxels, Hama, Artkal, Simbrix, Bitsy Beads, Fuse, Melty, Nabbi, Pyslla, Minecraft Crafting Table, and many other fuse bead or crafting cube kits!
Bring your favorite Pokemon to life, then use them in your battles for an awesome, realistic experience.
Each pattern is provided in a easy-to-follow grid format. The designs range from simple to complex, making it perfect for any age group. Ideal for birthday parties, craft events, and all Pokemon lovers! This fun-filled pattern book is printed in full-color to help bring your creations to life, and makes a great gift.
Beadcraft patterns also work for cross-stitch, embroidery, and quilting!

Item Reviewed: Beadcraft: Pokemon-themed Fuse Bead Patterns!
Our Rating: 5