Pokemon Bracelet - Themed Charms Pokemon Go, Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, Psyduck. Ideal Gift Idea Photo - Pokemon Gaming

Pokémon fans are always looking for something that can reconnect them with their favorite characters and also something that can be a part of their collection. This is something only a fan and understand and its value can never be defined to a person crazy about these movies and shows. This bangle bracelet is for all those fans who are looking to cosplay or wear a nice piece of jewelry on occasions where they can be all distinguishing and admired for it. It has all your favorite Pokemons including Pikachu, charmander, squirtle, psyduck, meowth, piplup, turtwig and chimchar.

✔ Durable and long-lasting bangle bracelet
✔ Made up of high-quality material
✔ 100% pure alloy material has been used for its craftsmanship

►Benefits and Uses
✔ Suitable for parties
✔ Best choice for formal as well as casual occasions
✔ A fantastic piece for the Pokemon cosplayers
✔ Comprises of 9 wonderful and exceptional charms
✔ An elegant choice as a gift for someone special
✔ Fabulous and remarkable bangle bracelet

►Our Quality
✔ The use of finest quality material
✔ Made up of stainless steel
✔ High-quality, durable and pure material bangle bracelet
✔ Premium quality material will not cause allergy
✔ Smooth edge design; Very comfortable to wear