Pokémon Interactive Pokédex Photo

Calling all Pokémon trainers…equip yourself with the world’s most advanced and complete Kalos Region Pokédex! Your touchscreen Pokédex includes ten modes of play and two additional unlockable play modes for endless Pokémon fun. The full-color LCD screen is perfect for exploring Lumiose City or catching Pokémon in Adventure Mode. Think you’re a Pokémon expert? Put your knowledge to the test with over 1,300 quiz questions, and learn about more than 450 Pokémon found in the Kalos Region! The accurate styling and open/close feature of the Pokédex make it easily portable and perfect for realistic play. Personalize your Pokédex with wallpapers or take pictures with your fellow trainers and customize with 6 different frames. Then use the mini SD slot to easily transfer your favorite Pokémon pictures (Mini SD card not included).

Item Reviewed: Pokémon Interactive Pokédex
Our Rating: 5