Pokemon TCG: Legends of Alola Lunala GX Tin Photo

Legendary Power: Pokemon-GX! Capture the newly discovered Pokemon of the Alola region! Uncover the moonlight mysteries of Lunala-GX in the Pokemon Trading Card Game: Legends of Alola Tin! This beautiful tin contains all the astonishing power of a Legendary Pokemon-GX—a power that’s new to the Pokemon TCG!GIVE YOUR COLLECTION A BOOST: Includes 4 booster packs containing 10 cards each to advance your collection to a new level.
UNLEASH ALL NEW POWER: An exclusive foil card featuring Lunala GX included with every tin to strengthen your deck.
BECOME THE GREATEST TRAINER: Will you find Decidueye-GX, Incineroar-GX, Primarina-GX, or Gumshoos-GX?
GOTTA CATCH THEM ALL: The Pokemon Sun & Moon expansion brings over 140 brand new cards to collect. Will you find them all?
SHOW OF YOUR POKEMON PRIDE: With this special collector’s tin to store your cards.

Item Reviewed: Pokemon TCG: Legends of Alola Lunala GX Tin
Our Rating: 5