Zackees Rechargeable USB Coin Cell Charger. LIR2032 (LR2032) Batteries Included, Replaces CR2032 batteries Photo - Pokemon Gaming

Yes, these watch cell batteries are rechargeable. Now you can power your favorite watch or smart device and never have to worry about buying those pesky CR2032 batteries again. This is the same charged bundled in our other product – Zackees Turn Signal Gloves. This battery is exactly 20mm wide by 3.2mm tall. The charger contains a US and socket, which can be broken away yielding a European/Chinese folding socket. We are on a mission We at Zackees are on a mission to bring the LIR2032 battery to the wearable electronics market. This little cell was discovered by Zach Vorhies while he was doing research for the Zackees Turn Signal Glove. At the time, Zach needed a uniquely high performance battery in a slim form factor, that was nearly indestructible. He found the LIR2032 rechargeable watch cell, and hasn’t ever looked back. Power Characteristics Unlike the standard CR2032 battery, this LIR2032 rechargeable cell has a higher operating voltage (4.2v vs the standard 3.0v). These high performance LIR2032 batteries will sustain a much higher burst discharge rate, at around 70mA vs 16mA of the CR2032. The capacity of this battery is rated at 35-40 mAh. Warning Not all devices will like the higher voltage of these rechargeable lithium cells. The customer is responsible for ensuring this battery will work properly in their device. If you know of a product that doesn’t not work well with this battery, please contact the Zackees team so we can update the production description.